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Eddie Sivali reviewed TIGER Academy of Martial Arts
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Passionate Staff with attention to details.

Mika Michelle reviewed TIGER Academy of Martial Arts
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Everything ...the programs they have for the kids on up to the specialized different courses they have for adults. They are a great team of well trained martial artist and you are guaranteed to receive a quality education there while in a safe family environment !!-Proud Tiger Mommy !!

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Framing for Success even in Unfavorable Conditions!

This year has defiantly been example of Unfavorable Conditions” The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted the world physically, mentally, and emotionally.  This message is in no way minimizing the effects nor seriousness of this Pandemic, but rather hopes to serve as a mean to remind us we are stronger when we work together and stay committed to our goals.

 Success is never easy!  That is the first thing we must remember.  It often falls prey to emotions such as quitting, hopeless, and loneliness.  Though a variety of media platforms such as the social media, digital & televised news feeds are designed to keep one informed, they all have the capacity to intentionally stirrup negative thoughts and emotions. This statement is not saying that these media platforms are bad and uninformative.  What it is saying, we have to be careful of the information that we allow to inform and entertain our thoughts and emotions.

This Pandemic has brought about many emotions, such as fear, anger, distrust, confusion, and hopelessness.  However, we must fight to maintain the spirit of resolute. Resolute Spirit – it cannot be bought but rather is forged through time, obstacles, and hard work.  It is what gives us the determination to walk forward when there is only a sliver of hope and possibility. It is what’s needed to overcome when it seems the world has no regard for community and you are determined to live by respect, discipline and love.  It is the controllable rage inside of us that cries out and says, “I will overcome, I will overcome”!   For a martial artist it is our Ki that relentless spirit that is represented by the black belt. For believers, it is our undying faith in God! For others it is who we are a fighter, dreamer, believer, and a trustee of the Resolute Spirit!

In closing, I would like to say, I know we will overcome.  Though it is crucial that we are responsible in our approach to how we move forward in our lives during these times, it is equally import that we don’t stop living life and become too complacent.  Remember success comes in time even when the times are not ideal.








Renshi W. Hunter

Director of TIGER Academy of Martial Arts