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Passionate Staff with attention to details.

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Everything ...the programs they have for the kids on up to the specialized different courses they have for adults. They are a great team of well trained martial artist and you are guaranteed to receive a quality education there while in a safe family environment !!-Proud Tiger Mommy !!

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The Power of Discipline

With Discipline We Can Accomplish Anything… Without Discipline We’ll Accomplish Nothing… Sirusute Ajarn Chai


Success is an event that we spend a great deal of our lives trying to achieve.  Success is the reward that is received from being focused, consistent, and committed to a goal.  True success lies not in the event, but in the process that was instituted to achieve the event.  This month, we will examine the tool which allows the process and the event to be achievable…Discipline.

The word discipline can have many connotations.  It is often used as a means to characterize a person’s behavior.  For example, if a child is unruly, one may say, “that child has no discipline.” Though this is a common way in which discipline is interpreted, in this article we are referring to discipline as a tool that is needed to achieve our goals.

Everyone at some point will have a lack of discipline.  Some of the most rudimentary things in life, we fall short of maintaining discipline.  Here are just a few:

  • Sticking to a diet
  • Being to work on time
  • Keeping a clean room (kids). Well, maybe adults too! lol
  • Exercising on a consistent basis

If we look at the degrees in which a lack of discipline could potentially impact our lives, we can find there are variant levels.  For example, not sticking to a lifestyle that promotes good health and fitness will not affect one by occasionally skipping a workout or eating junk food.  However, if this lack in discipline persists, then it could cause one their life.

Ultimately through lessons learned, we can recognize when we are in danger of losing the discipline necessary to achieve our goals.  I truly believe the following points are a necessary part in effectively using discipline:

  • A support system of friends and family who will encourage you when we feel like giving up.
  • Being able to balance your emotions is key. Recognizing that emotions are temporary but seeing things through can yield a lifetime of benefits.
  • If you can see it, you are more likely to achieve it. Writing down our goals and having a place where you see them every day will help you maintain the discipline to achieve them.

In closing, I would like to say, thank you for allowing TIGER Academy of Martial Arts to be a part of your family.  Our goal is not only to teach each and every one of you to develop a skill which could save your life, but one that has the capacity to enhance the quality of your life.








Renshi W. Hunter

Director of TIGER Academy of Martial Arts